Hair Loss Treatment

It is vital to determine the precise causes of the hair loss issue prior to making a decision on a treatment program. This will assist you in educating yourself and boosts your confidence in treatment method. In this light the different causes of general hair loss and treatments are explained below by our dermatologists, who provide hair loss treatments at Lucknow:

What is Hair Loss?

Loss of hair (alopecia) can be a problem for the scalp or the entire body. It may be permanent or temporary. It may be due to hormone changes, heredity or medical conditions, or it could be the normal aging process. Anybody is able to shed hair from their heads however it is more common among males.

The term “baldness” is usually used to describe an excessive loss of hair on your scalp. Hair loss due to genetics is the main reason for hair loss. Some individuals prefer to let their loss of hair go on untreated and unnoticed. Some may disguise it by using hairstyles, makeup scarfs, or hats. Some may choose to use one of the treatment options to stop further loss of hair or to restore growth.

Symptoms Of Hair Loss

Hair loss can manifest in various ways, depending on the factors leading to it. It can happen quickly or gradually, and can only affect your scalp , or even your entire body.

The signs and symptoms of hair loss could include:

  • A gradual loss of hair on the top of the head. This is the most frequent kind of hair loss that affects people as they get older. For men, hair typically starts to receding around the hairline of the forehead. Women generally experience a widening of the part of their hair. The most common hair loss pattern that is seen in women in their 50s is receding line of hair (frontal fibrosing Alopecia).
  • The patchy or circular hair loss areas. Some people lose hair in patches or circular hair loss spots on their beard, the scalp or the eyebrows. The skin can become itchy or painful as hair loss occurs.
  • Rapid release of the hair. A physical or emotional trauma can cause hair to fall off. A few hair strands can fall out while you are combing or washing your hair, or when you gently tug. This kind of loss generally causes general hair loss however it is only temporary.
  • Hair loss throughout the body. Some conditions and medical treatments, like chemotherapy for cancer can cause an loss in hair throughout your body. Hair usually grows back.
  • Scale patches that appear on your scalp. This is a indication of Ringworm. It could be associated with broken hair swelling, redness and, occasionally it can be accompanied by oozing.

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causes hair loss

There are a few main types of hair loss, each with different underlying causes.

  • Androgenic alopecia
  • Alopecia areata
  • Anagen effluvium
  • Telogen effluvium
  • Tinea capitis
  • Traction alopecia

Anti dandruff treatment

Dandruff itching and swelling can almost always be controlled. For mild dandruff, try regular cleansing with a mild shampoo first to reduce the growth of oils and skin cells. If that doesn’t work, try a medicated dandruff shampoo. Some people may tolerate using medicated shampoo two to three times a week, regular shampooing the other day if necessary.

People with dry hair will benefit from less frequent shampoos and moisturizing conditioners for hair or scalp. Hair and scalp products, both medicinal and non-medicated, are available as solutions, foams, gels, sprays, ointments and oils. You will need to try more than one product to find a routine that works for you. And you will need frequent or long-term treatment.

Dr.Jagriti Gupta

Dr.Jagriti Gupta Internationally trained from Federal Dental Association RHEINLAND PFALZ, GERMANY. She is a renowned Dentofacial Cosmetologist, practicing Facial Aesthetics & Trichology for several years in Lucknow. Her excellent injector skills, and most significantly, her drive to pioneer in the forefront of non-surgical facial aesthetics makes her indispensible.
She deals with all types of pigmentation, acne, acne scars, laser tattoo removal, hair transplant surgeries, Botox, fillers, non-invasive face thread lift, permanent makeup, vitiligo correction, scalp micro-pigmentation, PRP & GFC therapies for hair fall, vaginal fillers, breast upliftment and all Cosmo gynecology procedures.

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