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Dental Treatment

Regular dental checkups in Englewood, CO, are important for keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Swiss Smiles & Implants believes that you should schedule regular dental exams at least every six months to ensure you are getting the best preventative treatments for your oral health.


Smile Designing

You may have lost a tooth due to decay or an accident. This missing tooth can change your smile, the alignment of adjacent teeth, and the face profile and create unnecessary stress on the remaining teeth while eating. At Gupta Dentofacial Clinic we try to offer you the best smile designing treatments in Lucknow by offering you a range of treatments like teeth whitening, tooth alignment, gum line shaping, veneering, and re-countering. Teeth


Dental implants

Dental implant surgery is a procedure that replaces tooth roots with metal, screw-like posts, and replaces damaged or lost teeth with artificial teeth that look and function like real ones. Dental implant surgery may offer a welcome alternative to dental or bridgework that does not fit properly and may be an option when the lack of natural dental roots does not allow for dental or bridgework tooth replacement.


Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening and scaling is a basic routine dental procedure in which the dentist removes deposits/tar/plaque/calculus accumulated on your teeth due to improper brushing or crowded teeth. Cleaning teeth, also called scaling, is a painless procedure in which the dentist uses a scalar machine that works using vibration and water to remove stains or deposits on the teeth. Patients may experience sensitivity during the procedure but it is nominal and does not last long.



If you are looking for the best orthodontist in Lucknow or the best orthodontist near me, then Gupta Dentofacial Clinic is the right place for you. At Gupta Dentofacial Clinic, everyone knows that Dr. K.K. Gupta led a team of orthodontists with a warm approach to patient care. Whether you are an adult or a teenager, bad teeth and bite problems can have a negative effect on your facial appearance and can even affect your oral health. Also, you may feel uncomfortable talking to others.


Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners are transparent trays made of special material which are used to straighten teeth just like braces. They use gentle and constant force to move the teeth in the required position without going through the hassles of metal wires and brackets. They are custom-made for each patient through a digital scan.


Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment or endodontic treatment is necessary when the center part within the tooth, known as the pulp, housing the blood vessels, nerves, and living connective tissues, becomes infected or inflamed. The root canal procedure is performed to save a damaged or badly infected tooth, instead of extracting it.


Crown & Bridge

The dental crown and bridge treatment is a long-term method of replacing missing teeth. A tooth crown is placed on an individual tooth, (somewhat like a thimble over your finger) where there is no longer sufficient tooth structure left to place a filling.


Denture- Fixed & Removable

When you think of dentures, you may picture a full set of upper and lower teeth, complete with pink gums… sitting in a glass full of water on the bedside table. But did you know that the word “dentures” is actually used to refer to several different types of prosthetic teeth? For example, there’s the fixed partial denture (commonly called a “bridge”), the removable partial denture, and the removable full denture (the one in the glass). It’s also possible to have a full set of dentures which are securely fixed in the mouth.


Tooth Extraction

Dentists and oral surgeons perform tooth extractions for many reasons. The issue may be a painful wisdom tooth or a tooth that has been badly damaged by decay. In some cases, a dentist will remove a tooth to make space for dental prosthetics or braces.


Laminates & Veneers

One way that we can make your smile more attractive is to place porcelain laminate veneers or jacket crowns. Porcelain veneers are translucent, thin laminates made to improve the esthetics (shape, spacing, color) of natural teeth, to correct crowding, or to replace composite bonding.


Gum depigmentation

The most common cause of darker pigments in the gums is  genetics. Excess melanin can build up in the gums, making them look brown or black instead of pink. This is more common in certain ethnic groups like people with African or Middle Eastern ancestry.  The extra pigment does not indicate any disease or dysfunction.Patients seek treatment because of an aesthetic preference for pink gums that showcase their teeth better.


Laser Treatment

Medical professionals use lasers, which are extremely focused light beams, to alter or remove tissue in small amounts. Laser surgery is not limited to dentistry, but many people have never heard of laser dentistry before having it done. Dentists use lasers in a variety of procedures involving the inside of the mouth, be it to remove overgrown tissue, to reshape the gums, or to whiten teeth. Sometimes, laser dentistry is ideal for children who become anxious or afraid when having dental work done.


Jaw Fracture Treatment & Surgery

Your doctor or dentist will first move your jaw back into place. They put their thumbs inside your mouth on your back bottom teeth and hold the bottom of your jaw with their fingers. Then they manipulate your jaw down and backward until it pops into place. You may need pain medicine or sedation for the procedure.


Oral Cancer Treatment

Oral cancer is cancer that develops in the tissues of the mouth or throat. It belongs to a larger group of cancers called head and neck cancers. Most develop in the squamous cells found in your mouth, tongue, and lips.


Specialized care for pediatric & geriatric patients

While medical ethics are important throughout any patient’s life, the complexities of sound ethical decision-making tend to be amplified in both pediatric and geriatric patients.