About Us

About Gupta Dentofacial Clinic

Welcome to Gupta Dentofacial Clinic

We at Gupta Dentofacial Clinic are committed to providing you with the best care and unmatched service with excellent results! At Gupta Dentofacial Clinic each individual can have customized service as per their needs. We understand everyone’s aspirations to look their best!

We offer comprehensive Dental and skin, hair, laser treatment. We provide a wide variety of specialty services in cosmetology and perform various cosmetic procedures that make your skin look flawless and younger!

Gupta Dentofacial Clinic is equipped with Pharmacy and Pathology Lab just to ease and fulfill the needs of our valued patients and take care of their every little stress during the course of their treatment!

What to Expect at The Clinic

Gupta Dentofacial Clinic is an advanced dental clinic, with the latest equipment. 
Also, we provide cosmetology procedures using the latest and modern equipment and practices to provide the best treatments to patients.

Gupta Dentofacial Clinic is an Advance center for :

  • Dental Treatment 
  • Skin Treatment 
  • Hair Treatment 
  • Laser Treatment

Why To Choose Us

Why Choose us

We Have An Exclusive Customer-Centric Approach, Which We Are Able To Achieve By Having A Low Attrition Rate Within Our Team.

Our Vision

We have an exclusive customer-centric approach, which we are able to achieve by having a low attrition rate within our team. A majority of our staff has been with us for years, which helps us nurture and inspire their talent.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide comprehensive treatment services for the confluence of teeth, jaws, face, hair and aesthetic rejuvenation under one roof. We strive to provide high quality personalized dental, non-surgical facial and cosmetic services in a conducive environment. We mould the better version of yourself and create beautiful looks and smiles which makes you feel confident about yourself. We are here to revolutionaries the field of Dentofacial Aesthetics and create healthier you. We are Gupta Dentofacial Clinic, your destination to beautiful smiles

Our Expert Team

Dr. K.K Gupta

MDS (Periodontist & Implantologist) 

Dr.Jagriti Gupta

MDS, FAM (Dentofacial Cosmetologist)