Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is a method of removing unwanted tattoos using a laser to break down the ink particles in the tattoo. The broken ink enters the bloodstream where it is fought by the immune system. The remaining particles are expelled from the body by natural emissions. Tattoo pigments have specific light-absorbing properties, making it easy to detect and remove lasers. The Gupta Dentofacial Clinic in Lucknow offers tattoo removal facilities.

What is Tattoo Removal?

Tattoo removal is the process of trying to remove an unwanted tattoo. Common techniques used to remove tattoos include laser surgery, surgical removal, and dermabrasion.

The tattoo ink is placed under the top layer of skin. This makes tattoo removal more complicated – and more expensive – than the original tattoo application. If you are interested in getting a tattoo, consult your dermatologist about the options. Don’t try to get a tattoo on your own. Do it yourself Tattoo removal creams and other home remedies are unlikely to be effective and can cause skin irritation or other reactions.

Process Of Laser Tattoo Removal In Lucknow

  • Tattoo Size – 
    Big tattoos will take more sessions to remove the tattoo. It can go up to 6-8 sessions too.
  • Tattoo Color – 
    Different colors dictate how easy or difficult it will be to remove the tattoo. Dark colors are easy to remove and therefore they will be cheaper. Whereas pale blue, red, and yellow are more difficult to remove and will take more sessions to fade them completely. If your tattoo is multi-colored, it will take more number of sessions to remove it completely.
  • Skin Tone – 
    This may come as a surprise, but your skin tone does influence the level of difficulty whilst removing a tattoo. The laser is more effective when there is more contrast in shades between the tattoo color and the color of your skin, necessitating fewer sessions.
  • Ink Types – 
    Some inks are harder to remove than others are. One such ink is Beryllium.
  • Tattoo Quality – 
    If the artist is under experienced or less skilled, he/she may cause damage to the epidermis, which might be visible to the naked eye. However, while removing tattoos, they may be harder to eliminate. This holds true for skilled tattoo artists as well, as the tattoo might penetrate further into the skin and it can prove difficult to remove such tattoos as well.
  • Age – 
    Now if your tattoo were old, more ink would have faded away. This will mean the tattoo will require less number of sessions to remove them.
  • Location – 
    The location of tattoo is important as well. Areas that have a large number of blood vessels, lymph nodes, and vascular supply, will need fewer sessions of laser treatment to remove the tattoo. This means head and neck are the easiest places to remove tattoo followed by upper and lower back, arms and legs, and finally fingers and toes.


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Care Tips After Treatment

Yes, you play a key role in the results you see. Doing the following will help you to achieve the best results and reduce your risk of side effects:  

  • Keep all of your appointments for laser tattoo removal. Too often, people stop treatment before they see optimal results. Each treatment removes more ink.

  • Follow your dermatologist’s instructions for at-home care. You may need to wash the area and apply an antibiotic ointment for a few days. Slathering on moisturizer and covering the area until the skin heals are also important.

  • Protect your treated skin from the sun for 3 months. The best way to protect your skin is to wear clothing that covers the area. The clothing covering your treated skin must block light completely. 

Dr.Jagriti Gupta

Dr.Jagriti Gupta Internationally trained from Federal Dental Association RHEINLAND PFALZ, GERMANY. She is a renowned Dentofacial Cosmetologist, practicing Facial Aesthetics & Trichology for several years in Lucknow. Her excellent injector skills, and most significantly, her drive to pioneer in the forefront of non-surgical facial aesthetics makes her indispensible.
She deals with all types of pigmentation, acne, acne scars, laser tattoo removal, hair transplant surgeries, Botox, fillers, non-invasive face thread lift, permanent makeup, vitiligo correction, scalp micro-pigmentation, PRP & GFC therapies for hair fall, vaginal fillers, breast upliftment and all Cosmo gynecology procedures.

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