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Micro Pigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is a non-surgical treatment which involves the use of latest technology to create the effect of a head full of hair. it is more popularly compared to getting a tattoo on the head. it is much safer & affordable. 


Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Ever heard of a hair loss treatment that has no side effects, no pain and yet gives immediate and long lasting results? Well, that’s the SMP for you! SMP can benefit customers at all stages of male pattern baldness. Depending on the extent of your hair loss, our doctors may suggest highly customized SMP remedies for you. It can range from just strengthening your hairstyle to full head SMP, giving you a highly sophisticated shave-head look, an ‘in’ thing in a variety of circles, including formal corporate.


Permanent Eyebrows

There are several procedures available to restore all or part of the eyebrows:

Transplantation of micrograft’s or single hairs from the donor area to the eyebrows and a reconstructive flap or graft procedure that brings the hair band to the eyebrows from another site.The patient and the surgeon must agree on the procedure appropriate to meet the patient’s needs. Eyebrow and eyelid restoration procedures are usually performed in an outpatient department setting. Postoperative complications are usually limited to minor pain and swelling.