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“Best Botox & Fillers Clinic in Lucknow” Ageing is a process that no one can avoid it and with time, everyone has signs of aging.

Obliviously everyone wants to look young for a long if you find solutions to control aging, then i think you heard about botox or botulinum toxin.

What Is Botox?

Botox is a minimal particles chemical that gets from bacteria. Botox help to avoid contracting muscles where it is injected. The main work of botox is that it paralyzes or relaxes the muscle, which helps to get rid of wrinkles for 6-8 months.

Botox has many uses, but it claims to rank #1 for the anti-aging product because of how well it disappears the wrinkles from the face, and the best part is that it is also available in India. The Best Botox Treatment in India is in Lucknow.

According to FDA, this treatment is safe and effective, and in seven forms of botox, TYPE A is most used and studied, and that type/form is only one for cosmetic surgery approved by FDA.

Botox treatment is first used in the ’70s and got Worldwide approval in 2007 by the FDA.; in fact, Botox is not only used for antiageing; in fact, it was used for neurological disorders, then it comes into practice for the treatment of aging.

Botox is a relatively easy and speedy procedure. It can be done anywhere but by not anyone. My recommendation goes for an expert who has a good experience.

Process Of Botox Treatment

Medical History– Firstly, the doctor or the hospital staff take the entire history of the patient. It’s a bit slow process, but it helps a lot for the patient and the doctor. While taking into account, they provide a form to the patient who filled by the patient. After that, this process takes significantly less time.

Surgery Area/InjectionTreatment Area – This is the second last step in which cosmetic treatment experts who handle the treatment use a tiny needle and inject botox injection into a specific area or muscles of the face with less pain. The best botox injection treatment is in Lucknow.

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Benefits Of Botox Treatment

It’s essential for ladies should avoid taking botox treatment during pregnancy or the person who has an allergic reaction with ingredients of botox drug.


Dr.Jagriti Gupta

Dr.Jagriti Gupta Internationally trained from Federal Dental Association RHEINLAND PFALZ, GERMANY. She is a renowned Dentofacial Cosmetologist, practicing Facial Aesthetics & Trichology for several years in Lucknow. Her excellent injector skills, and most significantly, her drive to pioneer in the forefront of non-surgical facial aesthetics makes her indispensible.
She deals with all types of pigmentation, acne, acne scars, laser tattoo removal, hair transplant surgeries, Botox, fillers, non-invasive face thread lift, permanent makeup, vitiligo correction, scalp micro-pigmentation, PRP & GFC therapies for hair fall, vaginal fillers, breast upliftment and all Cosmo gynecology procedures.

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